Saturday, November 8, 2014


It used to be that summer was my favorite time of the year. I am habitually cold and had to walk to school, so I welcomed the heat. It also helped that summer meant lots of free time as a kid. It was a time to check out an allotted number of books and spend day and night reading. Summers were stress free.

As I've gotten older, that changed. There is no summer off as an adult and the heat seems less bearable. My favorite time of the year is now, all the way to January. With the holidays, comes time off. The nights are filled with tea and hot chocolate, warm blankets, and cozy lighting.

Traditions are now something to look forward to. Danny and I created our own. We watch scary movies and give out Mexican candy on Halloween. We spend all day cooking on Thanksgiving. We have our 12 dates of Christmas. We watch movies and cook a hearty meal on Christmas eve. With the new year comes a fresh start and my birthday.

It has been a rough year and I am idealistically thinking of the future.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Moving Forward

I am standing at a cross road.

I make all these grand statements of what I want, of future plans. I am nothing more than a dreamer. Unhappy in a current situation, it helps to conjure up ideas of what the future might be. Will I move forward towards what I want or will I overthink things and tread predictably careful?