Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Days go by with nothingness. 

The cycle of extraneous idle time mixed with the over abundance of social media has left me in a catatonic state.

And so I read. Today it's Bukowski.

"it's just a slow day moving into a slow night.
it doesn't matter what you do
everything just stays the same.
the cats sleep it off, the dogs don't bark,
it's just a slow day moving into a slow night."

"endless hot summer nights.
the blades of the fan tap and rattle
against the wire cage.
the air doesn't move."

"I've memorized tonight and now and the way the
light falls across my fingers,
specks and smears on the wall,
shades down behind orange curtains;
I light a rolled cigarette and then laugh a little,
yes, I've memorized it all."