Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Today I woke up slightly hopeful for a good day and then around 11 my cat threw up a hairball in bed. The worst is when you know it is coming and are powerless to stop it as for some reason cats enjoy making a mess primarily in highly inconvenient places. I did my best to throw a towel down but it was too late. I now sit on a bare mattress, after furiously scrubbing, waiting for the sheets that are currently in the wash. The aforementioned cat? She is happily wagging her little tail and I can't even be mad at her.

While I wait for the wash, I thought I'd look up some costume ideas for Halloween. I know it is over a month away but I'm excited to start celebrating my favorite time of the year. I love the fall and winter months. It includes lots of family, friends, traditions (old and new), decorations, warm meals, long hours in the kitchen and on the couch together. This Halloween lands on Saturday. I have thought up a few ideas, including some super heroes, but ultimately I keep coming back to those women in the late 1600s who were accused of being witches. I am glad to see that more women are empowering themselves and each other nowadays. I'd like to dress up as one of those women from the 17th century. Witch doesn't have to have a negative connotation to it. It can simply mean someone who is empowering themselves to lead their best life.

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