Monday, January 4, 2016

And now it's 2016

December turned out to be filled with a whole bunch of new experiences.

I started working at a place which is the complete opposite of what I've been used to. And honestly, that's been great for me. It's what I needed. This past month, I also saw the new Star Wars movie, visited the Seinfeld apartment pop-up, finally got to try Burgerlords in Chinatown (which I've never been to either), was in book heaven at The Last Bookstore, and thoroughly enjoyed The Broad with my husband and my family. I definitely want to do that again.

And then, I ended 2015 doing something I never thought I'd get to do, watching Morrissey perform. He was as amazing as I thought he would be.

Thinking back, I'm realizing that 2015 was the year where I let go of familiarity. A lot of it was hard but I learned a lot. (Even how to take apart a washing machine). And now I'm looking forward new adventures and challenges all year long.

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